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Open for Business

Well, it took a while to start up several new businesses and most of the time we were working very hard on several projects for some very special artists.
A lot more about that very soon. The website has been built and the coming months we will ad a lot of more content.

2013 is the year we started under the name “jellybeard – music & management” and this is just the beginning. jellybeard is managing artists, has a recording label and is also helping out established artists by booking their (clinic) tours in South East Asia. At this very moment Leonardo Guzman, a very promising young guitar player from Colombia, is recording his debut CD. Estimated release date December 2013! The second recording project (into pre-production), is a very special collaboration between 3 very talented and respected 6 stringers who are for the first time ever recording a CD as a trio. This product will be released under the banner “The Elba Triangle”. Keep checking our site for more news on that.

jellybeard is currently also working on the South East Asian tour for The Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann). The band will be playing over there in August 2014.