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Leonardo Guzman


Leonardo Guzman (1986) is a classically educated session guitarist and teacher from Bogota Columbia. Leonardo blends his educated guitar style with his own brand of Latin infused fusion guitar. Leonardo can quickly switch from interesting complex chord progressions to melodic difficult solos mixing advanced techniques like sweeping, hybrid picking, legato and tapping. By description alone Leonardo could sound a bit overly complicated but despite his incredible technical ability, Leonardo remains an extremely melodic and memorable guitar player.
Leonardo did participate in many guitar competitions from 2011 until 2013 and has won many of them (Guitar Messenger, Jakarta Guitar Competition, Guitar on Sky) or ended up in the Top 3 (French Guitar Contest, Ibanez Guitar Contest, Concurs Santo Angelo, etc) . In 2013 he decided to record his very first instrumental original album consisting of a mix of rock/metal/latin, mixed by Alex Argento.

Leonardo Guzman – Now! (jellybeard records 2014)
Endorsed by .strandberg*, Dunlop, Mooer


“Wow, Leonardo is extremely musical and creative! I love the innovative use of the slide on his right pinky, this is a very exciting and explosive solo…”

Jason Becker

“Wonderous, musical, magical…”

Rob Chappers 

“Dude your solo puts the biggest smile on my face – I am in such awe of your skills. Amazing work, and I can’t wait to hear more of your playing!”

Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry)


“This guy just killed it in terms of phrasing, feel and technical approach”

Jeff Loomis (Nevermore – Solo)


“Shred chef (say that 10 times rapidly) Leonardo serves up a piping hot, gourmet licks dish featuring a dazzling display of speed, taste, and virtuosity. His original, tapping phrases and employment of his signature, slide thimble, combine for a truly jaw-dropping performance!…”

Mark Varney (MVP, Legato records)

“Leonardo absolutely played the hell out of this one, insane solo technique and a beautiful outtro to top it off…”

Sean Carpenter (Digital Nations)


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